Fire Line Automatic 3 XL Logs Suite - Intelligent Bio Fireplaces

Automatic Inserts Ethanol

Fire Line Automatic 3 XL Logs Suite - Intelligent Bio Fireplaces

Sneddons is the Architectural fireplace and leading specialist for Planika Intelligent Ethanol Fire. FLA 3 XL Suite Logs is one of Planika’s most sophisticated fireplaces available on the market. There are several features that make it stand out. The FLA 3 XL is a highly developed product with decorative accessories. Enjoy the qualities of a sophisticated fireplace
Its heart, Fire Line Automatic 3, is the most advanced bio fireplace available on the market. With the patented BEV Technology™, intelligent features, and remote control solutions, the user can benefit from a very efficient and safe fire.



To guarantee maximum comfort of use, we equipped the fireplace with a large external fuel tank. What it does is provide a noticeably longer burning time, compared to other standard products. You can now enjoy up to 25 hours of continuous fire.
FLA 3 XL Suite Logs is a glass-enclosed fireplace, providing a very stable and safe flame. Our customers are free to choose from three different glazing options, including one, two or three-sided fire view.

The fire can be even more beautiful with our set of accessories. The burner of the fireplace was developed in such a way as to allow for integrating it with a system of very authentic-looking decorative elements, including ceramic eco logs, black granulate and glowing embers.
Length 1400
Capacity 25 L / [US] 5,5 gal / [UK] 6,6 gal
Burning time 15 - 25 h
Heat output 5,6 - 9,5 kW / 19113 - 32424 BTU
Net weight 89 kg / 196 lbs
Air circulation min. 1/h
Minimum room size please contact our Project Department for details
Power supply 230 V / 115 V
Finish TOP: black powder coated steel, CASING: galvanized steel, black powder coated steel, GLASS SHIELD: ceramic glass
Dimensions (X, Y, Z) X: 1400 mm / 55 1/8" Y: 362 mm / 14 1/4" Z: 843 mm / 33 3/16"