Fire Line Automatic 3 XL in Casing A - Intelligent Bio Fireplaces

Automatic Inserts Ethanol

Fire Line Automatic 3 XL in Casing A - Intelligent Bio Fireplaces

Sneddons is the Architectural fireplace and leading specialist for Planika Intelligent Ethanol Fire. The Planika Fire Line Automatic 3 XL in Casing A which is the FLA with an eXtra Long burning time for those who value real comfort.

Fire Line Automatic 3 XL takes you to another level of comfort and satisfaction. Offering the most advanced technology and innovative approach towards fire design it allows you to enjoy natural flames for longer than ever before. 
The extra-large fuel tank makes the FLA3 XL the most convenient solution available today. The fireplace guarantees the longest burning possible with one refill without losing anything from the luxurious and stylish form for which Planika’s fireplaces are so well-known. Additionally, FLA3 XL is offered in two types of casings.

FLA 3 XL in Casing A

Technical data

  • Capacity: 25 L 
  • Burning time: 17 - 42 h
  • Heat output: 3,3 - 8,4 kW / 11398 - 28490 BTU
  • Net weight: 61,5 kg / 135,6 lbs
  • Air circulation: min. 1/h
  • Minimum room size: please contact our Project Department f or details
  • Power supply: 230 V / 115 V


  • Top: brushed stainless steel / optional: RAL colours / optional: black powder coated steel
  • Casing: galvanized steel
  • Optiona frame: : brushed stainless steel
  • Glass shield: : tempered glass


  • X: 1274 mm / 50 3/16"
  • Y: 842 mm / 33 1/8"
  • Z: 340 mm / 13 3/8"