BioKamino Series R Burner Bio-Fireplace

BioKamino Ethanol

BioKamino Series R Burner Bio-Fireplace



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With its essential and elegant profile,  Series R Burner is the flagship of bioKamino's line. It's suitable for every place and you can give it a more modern look with the stainless steel frame, that you can apply and remove with a simple movement. 

Series R Burner is provided with safe and ecological bioKamino burner. 

It will liven up your evenings with a magical atmosphere. 

BR150R: Capacity: 0,6 Lt.
Autonomy: 2,5/4 hours
Consumption: 0,24 Lt/h.
Power: 1,75 Kw
Weight: 1 Kg

BR300R: Capacity: 1 Lt.
Autonomy: 3,5/5 hours
Consumption: 0,27 Lt/h.
Power: 2 Kw
Weight: 2,6 Kg

BR400R: Capacity: 1,2 Lt.
Autonomy: 4/5,5 hours
Consumption: 0,37 Lt/h.
Power: 2,8 Kw
Weight: 3,3 Kg.

BR500RS: Capacity: 1,6 Lt.
Autonomy: 4/6 hours
Consumption: 0,40 Lt/h.
Power: 3,0 Kw
Weight: 3,5 Kg.

BR600R: Capacity: 2,0 Lt.
Autonomy: 4/6 hours
Consumption: 0,50 Lt/h.
Power: 3,5 Kw
Weight: 4,6 Kg.

BR800R: Capacity: 3,0 Lt.
Autonomy: 4/6 hours
Consumption: 0,80 Lt/h.
Power: 5,6 Kw
Weight: 6 Kg.

BR1000R: Capacity: 3,5 Lt.
Autonomy: 3/5 hours
Consumption: 0,9 Lt/h.
Power: 6,5 Kw
Weight:7,5 Kg.

BR1200R: Capacity: 4,5 Lt.
Autonomy: 4/6 hours
Consumption: 1,25 Lt/h.
Power: 8,6 Kw Weight: 9 Kg.

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