Sneddons Remote & Wifi Control Smart Ethanol Burner


Sneddons manufactures the leading smart remote controlled bio ethanol burner in the world. Designed to be completely flexible and to fit into all designs! You can even control the burners with our smartphone app and a Wi-Fi connection!

In addition, this range of intelligent bio ethanol burners offers a new tool for designers. Architects and interior decorators will find a profusion of fresh ideas to brighten up your living space and bring a beautiful ambiance to your home. The magic of these modern flames will create a cozy and trendy atmosphere; one that is eco-friendly and completely safe.

The Sneddons Remote Controlled Smart Burner Collection offers the highest level of technological safety advances. All of the smart burners are equipped with a child-lock, a sleep timer, an emergency extinguishing feature, CO² sensors, overheating sensors, external heat sensors (to protect nearby items), shake sensors, and more that detect any malfunction and automatically stop the device in the event of anomalies. Finally; a product as safe as it is beautiful.