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  • New Sneddons Product Range: Ortal Gas Fireplaces

    Here at Sneddons, we are proud to announce that we are now suppliers of the Ortal Modern Fireplaces range. Ortal’s contemporary, modern and traditional range of balanced flue gas fireplaces help to create a sophisticated ambience in your home or business. They provide the perfect focal point with their striking architectural elements, as well as create a warm cozy atmosphere.Ortal was founded in 1986 and has since gained global recognition for their extensive range of fireplaces, produced with close attention to detail, quality and finished. With one of the largest selections of gas fireplaces available, we truly believe they are...

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  • Can You Convert Your Fireplace?

    Converting an existing fireplace isn’t just an aesthetic choice! While an older-style wood burning fireplace is lovely, they do require upkeep and having an evening fire means really committing to that fire for the evening. For families with small children or pets, there can also be safety concerns with a traditional fireplace, and so these fireplaces may not be the best option. A modern fireplace has a number of advantages. One is that you can turn them on- or off- as the mood strikes. Outside of Winter, or ‘fire season’, if you strike an especially cool evening, it’s no problem...

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  • The Supreme I30: Sneddon’s Package Offer

    It’s suddenly getting cold in Melbourne and it’s time to get serious about Winter. A lot of older houses have a fireplace which isn’t in use. An open fire can be lovely, but if you have pets, young children or don’t want to devote the time each evening to lighting and tending a fire, inserting a Balanced Flue fireplace into the gap could be your perfect option!   And we’ve put together the perfect package to see you right- before Winter really sets in. The Supreme I30 is a Balanced Flue fireplace designed as an insert into existing fireplaces, featuring...

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