Railway Hotel - Escea Fireplace Installs

The Railway Hotel in Yarraville, Melbourne has installed three Escea gas fireplaces in their newly renovated rooftop bar and upstairs function area.

Escea DL850 , Escea DL1100 and Escea DS1400 fireplaces were chosen for the install for their sleek, modern looks, ease of use and their ability to heat the large upstairs spaces at the venue.

We asked a couple at the rooftop bar what they thought of the renovations and new fireplaces – "Couple of wines by the fire in the evening. You can't beat it! It's our new favourite spot."

Sneddons owner Chris George talking about the install

Escea DL850 Gas Fireplace

The Escea DL850 gas fireplace is the perfect balance of new generation control technology, high performance and 4.5 star efficiency. Upgraded from the IB Series, the DL850 is quieter, more efficient and has a higher output, while still retaining the stunning beauty that is Escea.

With 9.2kW of heat output coupled with the 4.5 star efficiency, this high efficiency gas fireplace was the perfect addition to The Railway Hotel lounge area.


Escea DL1100 Gas Fireplace

As the larger variation of the DL850, the Escea DL1100 gas fireplace was ideal for the lounge and function area of The Railway Hotel. With a stunning 5 star efficiency, this model is one of the highest efficiency fireplaces on the market. Designed to keep open plan areas warm, has a very flexible turn down range and an impressive maximum heat output of 10.4 kW!

Its Smart Heat system will constantly monitor the room’s temperature, and automatically make adjustments to the fireplace to ensure the room is kept at the exact desired temperature.


Escea DS1400 Gas Fireplace

With its large glass viewing area, 5 star efficiency and ultra-thin depth, the Escea DS1400 offered the perfect combination of form and function to the outdoor entertainment area at The Railway Hotel. The fire is truly frameless! Where the wall ends the glass begins - providing a clean, minimalist look that focuses on the flame.

Its 5 star efficiency - 9.5 kW of heat - warms the outdoor area effortlessly, and has created a great statement piece for guests to enjoy while they relax outside.


You can see the new fireplaces at the Railway Hotel at 35 Anderson street, Yarraville, Melbourne. Visit for more information.

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