New Sneddons Product Range: Ortal Gas Fireplaces

Here at Sneddons, we are proud to announce that we are now suppliers of the Ortal Modern Fireplaces range. Ortal’s contemporary, modern and traditional range of balanced flue gas fireplaces help to create a sophisticated ambience in your home or business. They provide the perfect focal point with their striking architectural elements, as well as create a warm cozy atmosphere.

Ortal was founded in 1986 and has since gained global recognition for their extensive range of fireplaces, produced with close attention to detail, quality and finished. With one of the largest selections of gas fireplaces available, we truly believe they are an amazing feature and attribute to any Australian household. Let’s discuss what makes Ortal gas fireplaces so great, including some of their most popular products on the market.

Customized to your needs

One of the best features of an Ortal gas fireplace is the ability to customize it to meet your own specific design and size requirements. Ortal’s innovative product design means you can install one of their fireplaces in a variety of locations within your household or business.

Green friendly

We know how important it is to consider the environment in our day to day activities - and Ortal is right there with us! Ortal provides green, environmentally friendly heating solutions for today’s modern era. Ortal gas fireplaces have high efficiency ratings and contemporary designs - meaning you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. The unique design of Ortal fireplaces maximizes the fireplace’s radiant heat, and have additional efficient components such as electronic ignition and use of direct vent technology.

Stunning range of modern and traditional fireplaces

One of the biggest issues you’ll face with a Ortal gas fireplace is choosing which one! With an extensive range of sleek and contemporary, modern fireplaces along with more traditional styles, the options are truly endless. Here are some of our favourite Ortal gas fireplaces:





If you’re still not sure which Ortal gas fireplace is the best option, the team here at Sneddons are here to help. Our consultants are experts in matching the right heating system with your home or business. Check out the Ortal gas fireplace range available here, then either pop on into our showroom or give us a call on (03) 9689 2610 and we’ll work to find the perfect Ortal solution for you, your family, your property and your lifestyle.

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