Improving your outdoor areas with alfresco heating

While winter might be over, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s always going to be warm and sunny - especially at nighttime. Now that we’re in the beautiful summer season, it’s likely that you’ll want to spend some time outside - but you should always be prepared for the occasional chilly night. That’s where alfresco heating comes in.

Here at Sneddons, we have a range of alfresco heating options perfect for both residential and commercial premises. Our heating options allow you to create a beautiful outdoor entertainment experience that not only builds the atmosphere, but will keep you and your guests warm through the night.

When to comes to choosing the right alfresco heating for your property, Escea’s Mark Cowden has some helpful advice. He believes there’s two key factors that come into play when choosing an outdoor heater are lifestyle and location.  “A wood fire requires time for cutting and stacking wood and, in the city, consideration for your neighbours.” A gas fire is ideal for an urban couple,  “who want to be able to flick a switch for instant heat and enjoy a wine on their deck, maybe with a handful of mates. No worries about fire rated walls, no flu, no emissions or cleaning. Gas is also convenient in tighter spaces.”

So, which of our products would we recommend for improving your outdoor entertainment experience? We’ve listed our top three choices below…

Caloray Disc Heaters

The Caloray Disc Heaters were designed in Australia by Benjamin Murphy and are the world’s very first circular non-glow heater.  Created to effectively and elegantly heat those hard-to-heat areas, these disc heaters give both architects and designers more flexibility when considering the uses of available spaces in a property. Simply put, any living space in your property can be safely heated with these radiant indoor or outdoor disc heaters.

When paired with a renewable energy source, the disc heaters are emission free! Not only will it not emit any gases, there is zero combustion process to produce the heat and it won’t affect the oxygen level of your home.

Escea Outdoor Wood Fireplace

The Escea EW5000 is a great looking outdoor wood fireplace that’s been designed for quick and convenient heat at just the touch of a button. It’s the ultimate outdoor fire, whether you’re wanting to unwind after a long day at work or you’re planning on entertaining all night.

With our innovative design, the Escea EW5000 is easily installed as there’s no flue required. As a Zero Clearance rated fireplace, it can easily be installed straight onto any timber framed or masonry cavity.

We have this on display in our Melbourne showroom, so come along and check it out. The Escea EW500 is currently on sale, and can be delivered Australia wide.

Real Flame Outdoor Pit Fire

The Real Flame Pit Fire range is the perfect way to bring ambience and that extra touch of class to your outdoor area.  Conceived, designed, researched and built in Australia, the Real Flame Pit Fire can be installed in alfresco areas as well as integrated into architecturally landscaped surroundings. Available in three different shapes, and with the option of five different types of media, these fires are sure to impress all year long.

If you’d like to discuss what alfresco heating options are best for your home or business, come along and have a chat to one of our heating specialists here at Sneddons. We’re located at 145-147 Geelong Road, Footscray, Victoria - or alternatively you can call us on (03) 968 92610.

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