How to save money on your winter power bill

Now that Winter is in full blast, many homeowners are well aware that the colder season means a much higher electricity bill. It’s easy to see why - portable heaters, heat pumps, clothes dryers, electric blankets… these electrical items that were once ignored all summer are now being used on a regular basis during winter.

If you’ve noticed a drastic increase on your monthly power bill, don’t fret - there are many things that you can be doing to help save money on electricity and keep costs down during these months of higher electricity usage. You’d be surprised as to the amount you can save each month by implementing these small changes around your home.

Take a look below at our top tips on how you can be saving money on your winter power bill.


Look at your current heating system

JØTUL F3TD - Timeless bestsellerThese cold temperatures around the country are causing everyone to desperately try and heat up their homes - so it’s understandable that heating systems are the biggest factor in expensive power bills.

If your current heating system doesn’t run efficiently or economically, it’s likely you’ll be having to fork out big bucks on your power bill. Upgrading your heating system may seem like a big investment, but it’s one that can pay off significantly over time with reduced running costs.

Wood fires are a great way to heat the home affordably, as - once installed - the only costs you’ll have to worry about is sourcing the firewood. We have a great range of wood fires available here at Sneddons, starting from as little as $819.09 - check out our wood heater range here.









Be wise with your heat pump usage

If you’re heating your home with electricity or gas, be mindful of how often you’re running it. Even if you have the most efficient heater, if you have it running all day and night long, your power bills are likely to be significantly high.

Don’t have your heating system on when you’re not home, and try to only heat the room/s that are being used. Many heat pumps and gas heaters come with the ability to set a timer - so if you want to come home to a warm house, set it to turn on half an hour before you arrive home.



Insulate your home

If your home has draughts and is poorly insulated, it’s likely that you’re losing a lot of the heat that your heating system is producing.

Double glazed windows is the most effective way to properly insulate your home, as it prevents heat loss or gain through the window. You can have double glazed windows retrofitted onto your existing windows, or even try installing your own with a DIY kit.

Aside from that, close your curtains at the end of the day to keep the day’s heat in and make sure your doors and windows fit the frames. If you notice and draughts, seal them with either draught stopping tape or excluders.


Save on water usage

You’d be hard struck to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a nice long twenty minute shower on a cold Winter day - but this can be taking a big toll on your water usage bill. Depending on how many people are in the house, try limiting showers to no longer than ten minutes each.

Also, check for any leaky toilets or dripping taps around the house - these could be adding extra costs to your bill.  You can also look for hidden leaks by taking a look at your water meter, leaving the house for a few hours and checking the reading again once you’re back. If the meter has increased, you may have a hidden leak somewhere and need a plumber to come and check it out.

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