Common heating mistakes to avoid this winter

As Winter is now in full swing, it's a good time to sort out your home heating - but what’s a good heating system if you’re heating your home the right way? Knowing the right ways to keep your home means less wasted energy, and therefore less money spent on your power bill. A lot of heating mistakes that homeowners make are easily avoidable - so we’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.


Neglecting your heating system during summer

When you’re not using your heating unit, it’s more than too easy to forget about it. This is a common mistake, as your heating unit will need to be maintained all year long, not just when it’s being used in the colder months. You don’t need to have it serviced every season - all it takes is a simple clean once every few months, and to turn it on and let it run occasionally.

Ignoring drafts in the house

Did you know - drafts that allow cold air into your home increase the need for home heating, and therefore increase your energy bills? It’s important to eliminate any drafts throughout your home, as you’ll less likely need to use your heating system. While some drafts are obvious - like under the door drafts - others are harder to find, and they’ll need to be sealed off promptly. Think about areas such as chimneys, basements, windows and attics, as these are the most common places for drafts. An easy way to find out if you have any drafts is to light a candle - if the flame flickers, there’s a draft somewhere close by.

Increasing the temperature too high

It’s never a wise move to overwork your heating system - ensure that it has a break every known and then. When you take into account just how much it can cost to repair - or even replace - your heating system, it becomes obvious that you should take it easy on your heating appliances.

Decreasing the temperature too much at nighttime

While it may seem like a smart way to keep your energy usage down, when the temperature is lowered too much, your heating system has to work overtime the following morning to heat what has now become a cold home. It’s more than okay to lower the temperature at night, but try not to do it to the point where you’re waking up in the morning to a cold house.

Having your curtains drawn during the day

When you let natural light enter your home, it warms the air, meaning it’ll cost you less to heat. However, while it’s good to keep your curtains open during the daytime to allow the sun to warm your home, they should be closed at nighttime to keep the warmth in. Double glazed windows are extremely beneficial too, as they offer up to twice the insulation of properties that have regular windows.

If you haven’t quite yet sorted out your home heating system for the winter season, our team are happy to help. Pop on in to our showroom located at 145-147 Geelong Road, Footscray, or give our team a call on (03)9689 2610.

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