Amantii - Can Electric Fireplaces be installed inside or outside?

Sneddons have found the most unique Electric Fireplaces in the World.

When thinking Electric Fireplaces in Australia, who would of thought they could be installed in an outside area as well??? By the Pool, Alfresco, Patio, Rooftop Garden the opportunities are endless with Amantii.

Designed for Inside or Outside Installations Electric Fireplaces by Amantii are perfect for Australian homes, offices, restaurants or commercial settings. The clean, contemporary design of the fireplaces for both indoor & outdoor use, along with innovative features such as mood-setting back-lighting, or design finishes, provide unlimited creativity and versatility for designing any interior or exterior space. Also, Amantii's out-of-the-box system makes it easy for you or your builder to install an Amantii electric fireplace in no time! Available additional fuel beds include Logs, Stones and much more on most models.

The Amantii brand is the culmination of nearly four decades of experience in the fireplace and heating industry. As a global company, Amantii has a proven record of sales in USA, Canada & Europe and continue to source cutting edge products from Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America. Amantii is the pinnacle of electric fireplace design.


  • Amantii fireplaces are innovative
  • Options abound
  • Amantii use state of the art technology
  • Amantii have a huge selection of fireplace styles
  • Amantii offer service program


  • Residential Homes
  • Indoor Living
  • Outdoor Entertaining
  • Pool Areas
  • Commercial Settings
  • Alfresco

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