The Supreme I30: Sneddon’s Package Offer

It’s suddenly getting cold in Melbourne and it’s time to get serious about Winter. A lot of older houses have a fireplace which isn’t in use. An open fire can be lovely, but if you have pets, young children or don’t want to devote the time each evening to lighting and tending a fire, inserting a Balanced Flue fireplace into the gap could be your perfect option!

And we’ve put together the perfect package to see you right- before Winter really sets in. The Supreme I30 is a Balanced Flue fireplace designed as an insert into existing fireplaces, featuring a heat exchange system that circulates warm air around your room and an airtight firebox that draws its air for combustion from outside, not relying on oxygen from within the room.

So if you want to turn your old drafty fireplace into the warm focal point of your room, this is your option! The efficiency and substantial heat output, together with generous flames and glow, make the Supreme I30 the perfect gas heating solution for your existing brick fireplace. However, if you don’t have an existing fireplace, and want to renovate, the Supreme I30 can now also be built as a new fireplace.


The Supreme I30 features:

  • New Realistic campfyre 6 piece 'ceramic fibre' logset with glowing embers

  • Balanced flue, unique flexible flue designed for existing chimneys

  • Air tight combustion chamber for indoor air quality

  • Multi function remote control adjusts flame height and fan speed

  • Gas input rate: up to 32mjH

  • High efficiency 84% USA steady state rating

  • Choice of stunning contemporary surrounds,including the Martini double glass front for uninterupted view of the fire.

  • Five flame height settings

Sneddons has a special offer in June available online to purchase for Victorian customers only. The package includes, unit, remote control, standard DF front flush mount, trim and standard flex flue kit for $4,443.

See this offer and download the Supreme I30 brochure here.


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